Restoration - Tonéx

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Restoration Lyrics

Lord here I am.
Lord please have mercy on me.
I left your side.
So now I'm making my plea.

I try to pretend that everything is okay.
But I knew in my heart I'd do better Lord.
Running around in circles of sin.
Lord I chose you before and now I choose you again.

Lord I know that I've gone way too far.
Lord I know I've been running for way too long.

La da da da da da da
I opened my eyes.
Hanging out with friends from my past(some of yall might know about this).
I find no harm done--no harm done
But my flesh to go up in a flash.

Even when I was with them.
My mind wasn't there.
For I knew if you came Lord that I'd be left.
So like a lost sheep that has gone astray.
I went back in the flock and I'm back in to stay.

Lord I know that I've gone way too far.
Lord I know I've running for way too long.

Raise your hands.
He'll reclaim you.
He'll restore you and restoration begins.
Raise your hands--raise your hands.
He'll reclaim you--he'll reclaim you.
He'll restore you and restoration begins.

Give it up--give it up.
Turn it loose.
Just surrender and restoration begins.
Give it up.
Turn the world a loose yeah.
Just surrender and restoration begins.

Raise your hands
He'll reclaim you yeah.
He'll reclaim you--He'll restore you yeah.
He'll restore you and restoration begins.
Raise your hands--Raise your hands.
He'll reclaim you--God will reclaim you yes he will.
He'll restore and restoration begins.

Give it up--Turn the world a loose turn the world a loose oh yeah.
Turn it loose--oooh restoration restoration restoration.
Just surrender and restoration begins.
Give it up--Give the world up player.
Turn it loose--Turn the world a loose ooooh oooh oh
Just surrender and restoration begins.
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Tonéx, TONEX, and now TON3X (pronounced "toe-nay") was born May 16th in San Diego, California where continues to live and represent the 619.

His often chameleonic image and genre-bending musical style (which he himself has dubbed Nureau) have made him alternately revered and reviled among conservative fans of Gospel music. Nonetheless, he has carved out a niche for himself as a formidable vocalist, and prolific songwriter and record producer. After honing his producing skills with a series of experimental independent recordings, TON3X made his national debut with a re-release of his most successful independent album "Pronounced Toe-Nay." His first high-profile television appearance was performing a medley of "Trinity" & "One Good Reason," blowing the crowd away on the Stellar Awards, which was a coup as TON3X (then Tonéx) was a relative unknown at the time.

A single and music video from Pronounced Toe-Nay were serviced to media outlets for "Personal Jesus". Upon its release, the album bore 5 different record label logos: Rescue Records, the independent label that originally released the album; MSS Records, TON3X's then-active vanity imprint label; Tommy Boy Gospel, the label to which TON3X was signed as an artist; Verity Records, the label to which his independent label Rescue Records sold his album's masters; and Jive Records, the mainstream umbrella over Verity Records.

Two years later, he delivered the musically progressive and pop-leaning album "O2" which got off to a great start with the popularity of the upbeat music video for the single "Bout A Thang" featuring energetic hip-hop dance and an edgy urban image not usually associated with Gospel artists. The album received it's greatest boost from the momentum gathered by the single "God Has Not 4got" on Gospel radio. The song was nominated for multiple Stellar Awards the following year. Reminiscent of the style of R. Kelly, an additional single "That's When" also garnered much radio airplay.

His 2004 double CD "Out The Box" earned him the most widespread acclaim so far, debuting at #1 on the Billboard Magazine Top Gospel Album Chart in September of 2004. He also netted a Grammy nomination for Best Soul Gospel Album the following year, and had a bonafide radio hit with the ballad "Make Me Over". The same year, TON3X won a total of six Stellar Awards including "Artist of the Year" for Out The Box.

Following Out The Box, TON3X took the independent route, gaining creative control as well as control of his brand as a whole. TON3X has been releasing old albums, mixtapes, EP's, and singles through iTunes and his online store under the label heading of Nureau iNK. Among these releases are, a 2-track single from his hip-hop alter ego T. Bizzy, an exclusive remix album "Pronounced Remyx", and a sprawling two-disc confessional opus called "Oak Park 92105" previously only available through underground websites. A special version of "Oak Park 92105" was given a limited release to the Christian market and re-titled "Oak Park 921'o6" featuring a new song "Fail U" as lead single. Fail U was supported by a urban Japanese themed music video which is available on YouTube and iTunes. A primarily Jazz collection entitled "The London Letters" was released through Nureau iNK on iTunes and has garnered rave reviews and strong support from the Jazz community and gained secular fans that knew not of TON3X.

In March 2007, a reconciliation with Zomba Label Group was announced, which would be a joint venture for his Nureau iNK label. The deal was struck under the auspices of new Zomba president Jazzy Jordan who has previously guided the careers of R. Kelly and Salt-N-Pepa. However, as of June 2007, a split with Zomba was again announced. In the wake of several candid and revelatory songs and video blogs, TON3X is facing much scrutiny, with the bulk of criticism centering on his use of profanity in both his songs and his blogs. Though a single, "Joy," was released to radio as of May 16, 2007, his new album "Stereotype: Steel & Velvet" was stalled by Verity Records. The release date of September 11, 2007 was pending on the Verity Record label, and ultimately canceled.

Most recently, TON3X has released two mixtapes which fans consider actual albums as they both contain 20 tracks. "The Naked Truth" and "Bapost.o.g.i.c." were both released in on CD as limited edition pressings. Fans and supporters scrambled to their copies of The Naked Truth as it contains material that resulted in him being shunned by the Gospel community as well as material documenting his struggles, challenges, and revelations over the last five years. The Naked Truth and Bapost.o.g.i.c. could have been released as a set as they completely support each other in documenting where TON3X had been and where he was going. Bapost.o.g.i.c. is a new era that took TONEX from his old self to the new and improved TON3X. Bapost.o.g.i.c. is a vision, and a focus to erase the lines between C.O.G.I.C., Apostolic, and Baptist religions and bring the focus back to God. Supporting and citing the movement of 1906's Azusa Street Revival, TON3X wants unity and focus on God and not on religion and traditions.

Currently TON3X is completing a three week run starring as James "Thunder" Early in the musical play DREAMGIRLS at The Lyceum Theater located in downtown San Diego. The musical play received rave reviews and is the first of many musical and acting endeavors in the near future for TON3X. From November 2008 to January 2009, TON3X will also be starring in The Princess And The Black Eye Pea at The Lyceum Theater in downtown San Diego. TON3X is also working as a writer and staff producer for Nextlyfe Entertainment (Brandy, Eric Benet, Something for the People, Ne-Yo). TON3X wrote and produced songs for upcoming/current projects by Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Brandy, Usher, Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane.
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